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July 29, 2023[In Progress] Infrastructure upgrades: MWP Cloud

We are working on upgrades to our managed WordPress service, MWP Cloud. These upgrades will allow for future integration of a new DNS editor and Domains panel, as well as various other improvements and additions to our hosting control panel.

Planned upgrades part of this scheduled event:

VPS CUSTOMERS (Including NonprofitPress, CreatorPress) -- We are working on upgrades to our hosting infrastructure which will result in a change to the IP address of your hosted site. To allow us to minimize the downtimes and handle updating the DNS records automatically for you, we need you to start managing the DNS of your domains with us. If your domain is already connected to or registered with Managed Cloud Domains or MWP Cloud, your DNS is already managed. However, if your domain's nameservers/DNS are hosted elsewhere (i.e. Google Domains, GoDaddy), please migrate your DNS to avoid downtime. Customers with Cloudflare configured for their site - by you or us - WILL NOT be impacted by the IP change. All affected customers were emailed as of July 30, 2023.

Response, Ongoing

Affected Components

MWP Cloud hosting, MWP Cloud [vps] site IP, Managed Cloud Domains, MWP Cloud domain connector, Google Workspace Quick-Setup for DNS, MWP Cloud [vps] Resizing, MWP Cloud [vps] Migrations, MWP Cloud [nano] domain connector

No cases or investigations are currently active.


May 21, 2023[Resolved] Sunset of Twitter link - Tweet to Ticket functionality

Our "tweet to ticket" option for support has been terminated per Twitter's new API policies. We do not currently have plans to continue offering support through Twitter, although you are welcome to DM @SmashstarMedia and someone will respond as soon as possible. Please do not use our Twitter for urgent support requests after May 27, 2023.

Response, Ongoing

Affected Components

Support Center, Tweet to Ticket

March 03, 2023[Resolved] Defensive against AmazonBot, DDoS

Various services have downgraded to defensive to attempt normalization across our infrastructure.

Some services may appear to be offline for brief periods of time. Workaround: Wait a minute, then force-refresh the page

Please check our status page for updates.

Response, Ongoing

Affected Components

Managed Hosting, MyChoice Pantry, MWP Cloud,, The Hub, MWP Cloud Nodes, NonprofitPress Reporting, NonprofitPress telemetry, Hosting API

December 06, 2022[Resolved] Default transactional email for MWP Cloud hosting sites temporarily disabled

Our default email provider for sending transactional email from hosted sites via "" has disabled email sending. We are in contact with our provider to try to resolve this issue and get email re-enabled as quickly as possible.

Sites that use a custom or branded email account (i.e. Gmail, Workspace, SMTP) for sending from WordPress remain unaffected.

Affected Components

Managed Hosting, Emails

November 24, 2022[Identified] Unable to save events, view in blog roll; The Events Calendar

Our teams and those at Tribe Events have identified and are investigating two unrelated issues with The Events Calendar plugin running on sites powered by MWP Cloud (including NonprofitPress): Events are not displayed in the main blog roll as expected; Events cannot be saved when using the classic, non-Gutenberg editor.

Affected Components

The Events Calendar (plugin)

MyChoice Pantry Planned Downtime

Beginning: 10:00PMET OCT 14 2022


⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTICE – DOWNTIMEMyChoice will be unavailable from Friday, October 14 at 8:59PM ET until Saturday, October 22 at 11:59PM ET.During this period, we will be updating the back-end of MyChoice and upgrading to MyChoice version 2.0. More information about the improvements in this update are coming soon!

SSH/SFTP account creation/modification temporarily disabled

Began: 18 Apr 16:26 UTC

We have disabled SSH/SFTP account creation/modification via the Hub for hosted websites while we implement important security upgrades. We will update this incident with an expected timeline when we have better estimates.

Affected products:

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but the security of our customers is of utmost importance to us!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at support(at)smashstarmedia(dot)com

[Complete] Planned Hosting infrastructure maintenance

Began: 18 Apr 02:30 UTC  Ended: 18 Apr 10:12 UTC  Duration: 7 hours and 41 minutes

Managed Hosting API Emails Data Center - Canada - Toronto Data Center - United States - New York Data Center - United States - San Francisco

[04.13.2022.08:35:06 UTC]

We will be performing scheduled maintenance across all regions for all hosted sites. Please note that during this maintenance period, minor downtime may occur (a few minutes) and we will bring all servers up and running again as fast as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

[04.18.2022.10:12:23 UTC] The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.

[04.18.2022.02:30:33 UTC] The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.

 Scheduled for Mon, 18 Apr 2022 02:30 UTC; Expected to take 14 hours

[Resolved] Critical: GiveWP bug, 03.04.2022.001

Affects: Managed WordPress Cloud with GiveWP add-on, NonprofitPress (all tiers), self-hosted MWP with GiveWP add-on

[04.03.2022.19:40] - All affected sites are back online and repaired

[04.03.2022.19:24] - Monitoring uptime and activity logs

[04.03.2022.19:20] - Update notice sent to affected site owners

[04.03.2022.19:17] - Verifying site integrity and status

[04.03.2022.18:32] - Verifying backups, data clean up, remediation

[04.03.2022.18:18] - Notice sent to affected site owners

[04.03.2022.17:45] - Under investigation

[04.03.2022.17:44] - Notified by GiveWP

From GiveWP:

How This Bug Impacted You and Your Donors

We received reports from customers that their recurring subscriptions were getting canceled with no action on their part or their donors’ parts. For those with the Stripe add-on and Recurring Donations, they were seeing that as soon as a new payment from a recurring subscription came into their website, GiveWP was triggering a subscription cancellation, even for subscriptions that were set to be ‘ongoing.’

This meant that every recurring subscription was getting set to no longer recur as renewals came in.

This impacts those running version 1.15.0 of Recurring Donations, which was released on February 25. It is being patched in GiveWP core version 2.19.3 today. This means it is only impacting subscriptions whose renewals came in between February 25 and when you update to the latest version of GiveWP core.

What You Need to Do to Fix and/or Prevent Problems with Your Subscriptions

Nothing; Sites on NonprofitPress, Managed WordPress Cloud, and self-hosted sites will be checked manually by our teams. We will provide an update to the registered site owner upon resolution.

What Happened and What We're Doing to Ensure This Doesn't Happen Again

In the 1.15 Recurring Donations add-on update, we patched an issue which caused Stripe SEPA donations to fail to be marked as complete.

Unfortunately, this fix included a regression which did not properly check an incoming value from the Stripe renewal event. This made the system think that the new donation was the last donation in a series of donations. As such, GiveWP would record the donation and then mark the Subscription as complete — ending the Subscription in Stripe.

The patch we’re implementing is in GiveWP core to ensure that we catch this at the earliest point possible. Additionally, this year we’re focusing on improving the way in which GiveWP core support recurring across all gateways.

We are also working together with our Support team to ensure even greater quality assurance testing.

Our Commitment to You

We don’t make communications like this lightly. We do it though because of our commitment to your success with online donations. Our development team has been making continual improvements to our process and the stability of GiveWP and all our add-ons.

With a heavy heart, but more commitment to your cause than ever, we wish you the best of success with your online fundraising efforts.

Devin Walker

Founder and CEO [GiveWP]

(585) 749-5059

October 21, 2021 - NYC Datacenter Infrastructure Upgrade

Our infrastructure team has identified an issue with a commonly-used plugin that is causing databases to fill up. To resolve the issue, we are pushing UP our planned upgrades for December 2021.

The infrastructure upgrades have been completed, October 26, 2021. Some sites may have a new IP address, however if your domain is managed by Smashstar Media, there is no action required. Customers and clients with self-managed domains have been notified and offered assistance to update their DNS records.